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Foreign Currency Exchange

When traveling abroad you may need foreign currency to cover immediate incidental and unforeseen expenses such as taxi fare, tips and food. Also, there may be businesses that do not accept credit cards. Bank of Hope’s Foreign Currency Exchange Service will ensure your trip is worry-free. You can avoid the hassles of exchanging currency at expensive airport currency exchange booths by exchanging your currency at competitive rates at Bank of Hope branches nationwide. When you return from your trip, Bank of Hope will also purchase your unused foreign currency banknotes (subject to conversion at the then prevailing exchange rate determined by the Bank).

  • Competitive exchange rates (updated daily)
  • Over 70 currencies available for purchase or sale
  • No service fee for exchanges over $300 USD

Note: Foreign currency purchase orders placed before 2:30 pm local time will usually be ready for pick-up the next business day.

Bank of Hope offers over 70 currencies for exchange!

Foreign exchange info
South Korea's flag Korean Won
Europe's flag European Union Euro
United Kingdom flag Great Britain Pound
Mexico's flag Mexican Peso
Canada's flag Canadian Dollar
Japan's flag Japanese Yen
China's flag Chinese Yuan

A list of the most frequently exchanged currencies are referenced above. For a complete list, please contact us at 888-811-6272.

Foreign Exchange Services (International Wire Transfers)

Bank of Hope offers its Foreign Exchange Services to assist you in managing your business payables or receivables in foreign currencies, or when transferring funds internationally. We can assist you with both spot and forward contract requirements to hedge against currency exposure in most major currencies, at competitive exchange rates. You will have greater flexibility in pricing your payables or receivables, while staying competitive in today’s global marketplace.

For additional information, please contact us at 888-811-6272.