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An image of Bank of Hope's previous merged banks

The Representative Bank of the Korean-American Community

Bank of Hope was formed through a merger of equals of BBCN Bank and Wilshire Bank on July 29, 2016, but the roots of the company go back more than 37 years and include many of the first Korean-American banks established in the United States.

The first merger of equals forming BBCN Bank was completed on November 30, 2011 between Center Bank, established in 1986, and Nara Bank, established in 1989. Prior to the first merger of equals, Nara Bank acquired Asiana Bank in April 2003 and Center Bank acquired Innovative Bank in April 2010, expanding their presence into the Northern California market. After the formation of BBCN, the acquisitions of Pacific International Bank in February 2013 and Foster Bank in August 2013 solidified BBCN’s presence in the greater Seattle and Chicago markets, respectively.

Wilshire Bank was established in 1980 and grew independently in Southern California until the acquisition of Liberty Bank of New York in August 2005. The acquisition of Mirae Bank was completed in June 2009 strengthening its presence in Southern California. The BankAsiana acquisition in October 2013 nearly doubled the Bank’s presence in the New York/New Jersey markets and the Saehan Bank transaction in November 2013 solidified its presence in Southern California.

Today, Bank of Hope has a national platform that includes solid presence in all of the top geographic markets in the U.S. with the largest Asian-American populations. But most importantly, Bank of Hope is the representative bank and the pride of the Korean-American community.

Bank of Hope
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