Bank of Hope: Personal Banking

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Hope Wealth Management

You can pursue your dreams - even in uncertain markets.
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Welcome to Bank of Hope

5% Down Payment Mortgage Program

Hope turns a dream into an address.

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Online Banking

Online Banking options
Online Banking


With HOPE,
we will get through this together.

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Banking in your hands

Stay connected. Utilize our mobile banking service to access your accounts any time, anywhere.

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Checking accounts for your specific needs

Enjoy a variety of features such as unlimited check writing and a full range of online services with a Bank of Hope checking account.

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Save more and do more!

Start putting your money aside now using our various savings accounts to enjoy your future.




Meeting the obligations of the Community Reinvestment Act (“CRA”) requires commitment, communication and cooperation by all the stakeholders. These stakeholders include Bank of Hope, intermediaries acting on behalf of the community (such as government, public agencies and community-based organizations), and members of the community. We all desire to contribute to the strength and success of our communities, the ultimate goal being to strengthen the financial health and well-being of people and communities.

Learn more about Bank of Hope's Community Reinvestment Act.

Community Reinvestment Act