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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a computer-based clearing and settlement facility established to process the exchange of electronic transactions between participating depository institutions. ACH is ideal solution for improving your business cash flow and forecasting by possibly accelerating the transfer of funds at a low cost. You can take control of your transactions with accuracy and convenience. ACH transaction records will be available for monitoring and reconciliation to further assist you with managing your transaction activities.

Payment Collection with ACH Debit Origination

Speed up the payment collection with ACH Debit Origination. Manage various categories of funds collection such as membership fees, loan payments, account receivables, and more with convenience, and take control of your receivables schedule.

Benefits of ACH Debit Origination

  • Speed collections & account receivables
  • Decrease time devoted to processing and managing invoices
  • Improve cash flow control & collections predictability
  • Reduce processing costs with electronic funds transfer
  • Offer auto-debit service to your bployees and vendors

ACH is governed by NACHA. Current rules and regulations regarding ACH can be accessed via

Smart Safe

Bank of Hope offers Smart Safe solution for business cash handling process. Smart Safe’s cash vault will be installed at your retail business location. Once installed and online, you can deposit cash into the vault for safe keeping and cash count. Smart Safe totals the deposit at the daily cutoff time and electronically communicates the total to the bank for provisional same business day credit to your account. The cash funds will remain inside the cash vault until the scheduled armored carrier picks up for your business location.

Benefits of Smart Safe Solution

  • Same business day credit for cash deposits
  • Safety and Security for funds deposited
  • Save cost with fewer armored carrier visits
  • Reduce manual counting errors w/ accurate machine scanning
  • Monitor and Reconcile cash deposits in multiple locations online

To learn more about Smart Safe Solution please see below PDF file or video.
pdf file icon Smart Safe Solution (PDF)


LockBox simplifies your remittance efficiently with accuracy and speed. Bank of Hope will designate a PO Box for your customers to send their check payments. The service collects the check payments and deposits them to your business account on your behalf.

The Bank offers Image LockBox which captures images of payment information such as checks and envelopes. The scanned checks and envelopes are available via your Business Online Banking on the day it is received.

Benefits of Image LockBox

Image LockBox is a highly recommended solution for businesses with high incoming check volumes. Collection of physical checks can consume significant resources from your business and leave margin for human error. The service will reduce risk and deliver speedy and accurate processing of your check payments to your account.

Merchant Processing

Together with Heartland Payment Systems, Bank of Hope can assist to expand your customers’ options for payments while simplifying business operations.

  • Link your Business Checking account to receive your funds the next business day
  • Accept credit and debit card payments to expand your business and open new revenue streams

Heartland Payment Systems offers over 40 years of experience as a pioneer of electronic payment processing. They have industry-leading hardware and software to ensure your transactions are processed quickly and securely with versatile-features such as:

  • Comprehensive payment card processing for credit, debit, purchasing and gift cards
  • Check services, including electronic check conversion, check guarantee, verification and recovery programs
  • State-of-the-Art, web based transaction reporting
  • Critical fraud control & chargeback protection
  • Certifications with major POS & cash register systems
  • Preferred pricing

This, end-to-end payment service will streamline everything from sales transactions to merchant support and information reporting, so you can manage your business with greater efficiency and profitability.

To read more about Merchant Solutions please see below PDF file.
pdf file icon Merchant Services Program (PDF)

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Remote Deposit (RD)

Save your business the time and hassle of visiting the bank to make deposits. By logging in to Bank of Hope’s Remote Deposit online, you can make deposit without having visit the branch. You may deposit multiple times throughout the day until the daily cut off time within your limits.

Benefits of Remote Deposit

  • Improved cash flow
  • Ability to deposit checks at your convenience
  • Access to check images & reports via computer
  • Updates on deposits via Internet banking
  • Save time and expense by eliminating multiple trips to the bank
  • Reduce paperwork with secure, online storage of check images & transaction history up to 2 years

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