Companies are increasingly at risk of attack online. Bank of Hope supports our business clients’ efforts to protect themselves from identity theft and financial fraud by implementing protective business practices. Bank of Hope is committed to safeguarding our Business Online Banking access and our clients’ information.

What is Corporate Account Takeover?

Corporate Account Takeover (CATO) occurs when cyber criminals gain access to your computer systems and steal your business online banking information. They then use this information to hijack your bank accounts and transfer funds to themselves via ACH (Automated Clearing House) and Wire transfer.

Protect Yourself

Bank of Hope Business Online Banking platform uses sophisticated security tools to help protect the bank and clients from fraudulent access. Clients can help protect their own systems with these practices:

  • Implement dual control authentication for sensitive or high risk online activities including wire templates,
    wire approvals and ACH file approvals
  • Periodically review employee access rights to online systems, make sure access levels are appropriate for job responsibilities
  • Remove employee access promptly upon termination
  • Do not allow employees to maintain administrative rights on their work computer to help prevent unauthorized software from being downloaded

Detect Unauthorized Access

If you detect unauthorized access or unusual activity, these are some helpful tips:

  • Install a firewall on your network
  • Install commercial security and anti-virus software programs and update them regularly
  • Promote employee awareness
  • Recognition of symptoms of some computer breaches

Respond to Attack

Here are some action items to take once an attack has occurred:

  • Cease all online activity and remove any computer systems that may be compromised from the network
  • Disconnect the Ethernet cable and/or any other network connections (including wireless connections) to isolate the system from the network and prevent any unauthorized access
  • File a police report
  • Open new account(s) as appropriate
  • Immediately contact BANK OF HOPE at 1-800-788-4580 so the following steps may be taken
  • Disable online access to accounts
  • Change online banking passwords

For more information, please visit the FBI page on scams and safety: Common Scams and Internet Safety

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