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Online Bill Pay Features

The average person spends two hours a month paying bills…
With Online Bill Pay, you can pay your bills in minutes!

  • Schedule Payments

    Schedule payments for when you want
    the payment to be delivered.

  • Reminders

    Set up reminders so you never make a late
    payment again.

Online Bill Pay Features

Step 1.

Click on Payments to access payment portal.


Step 2.

Read and review the “Terms of Service” that apply to Bill Pay and Popmoney.

Mark the check box to accept the terms and click Continue.


Step 3.

Read and review the “Privacy Policy” that applies to Bill Pay and Popmoney.

Mark the check box to accept the policy and click Continue.


Step 4.

Congratulations! You have enrolled in Bill Pay.

You may set up payees to schedule one time or recurring payments.

To continue, click Continue to Bill Pay.

Step 1.

Go to Payment Center and

click on Add a Company or Person.


Step 2.

Search the company’s name manually

or select from the list of companies listed by

company type.


Step 3.

Fill out the billing company’s account


You will receive a confirmation email

once payee is successfully added.



Step 1.

Once a payee is added, payments can be scheduled.

  • One-Time Payment: Select the appropriate payee and type in the payment Amount. Then select a Deliver By Click Send Money.


  • Automatic Recurring Payments: click AutoPay. Manage Auto Pay page for entering payments details will appear. Fill it out then click Start Sending Payments.

Step 2.

Review your payment details.

Once confirmed, click Submit Payments.

Step 3.

Your payment has been submitted and a payment confirmation notice will pop up.


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