Information Reporting Features
Multifactor Security for Online Accounts
Integration with Major Accounting Systems
Secure Banking Environment
Function to Consolidate Multiple Bank Accounts
Treasury Management Information Reporting Products & Services
Business Online Banking (BOB)

Securely access your accounts and manage critical informaton at your fingertips. Learn more about our Business Online Banking service.

Account Reconcilement

We will match your paid to outstanding check information and summarize your account activity in multiple report formats of your choice. This solution can provide a variety of reports and data based on your unique requirements.

BA12 Format Statement

The BA12 file format, also identified as the Balance and Transaction Reporting Standard (BTRS), allows your business to perform electronic cash management balance reporting and bank reconciliation.

Data Transmission (STFP)

Secure File Transfer Protocol (STFP) is a safe and secure communication channel that helps your business safely exchange data, as well as send any type of payment.

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