HUD 2019 Income Limits by County

*Income level based on 2019 HUD low-income limits for a 4 person family.

Communities Served Scholarship Qualifying
Annual Income Limit*
Los Angeles County, CA $83,500
Orange County, CA $94,950
San Bernardino County, CA $57,450
San Diego County, CA $85,600
Alameda County, CA $98,550
Santa Clara County, CA $103,900
New York County, NY $85,350
Queens County, NY $85,350
Nassau County, NY $88,950
Bergen County, NJ $75,500
Fairfax County, VA $77,600
Cook County, IL $71,300
King County, WA $88,250
Pierce County, WA $64,150
Snohomish County, WA $88,250
Dallas County, TX $66,500
Harris County, TX $61,050
Tarrant County, TX $60,800
Montgomery County, AL $52,700


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